The Ballad of Johnny Rebel by Max Resist

Johnny Rebel's on the run with a gun
A wanted man in every state
Wanted for a murder that he didn't commit
Now the government seals his fate
He can't show his face cause
They wanted to take him and
Throw him down to the ground
In front of his wife and his family
In front of the whole damn town

Oh No!
Johnny Rebel's gotta fight
Johnny Rebel's in the right
Johnny Rebel's gotta go go go
Johnny's on Death Row

Johnny Rebel's having fun
On the run with a gun
He doesn't even own

White hair and
Side burns everywhere
White Power Patches
On his bomber are sewn
He fits the description of a small town lynchin
Where he might never put up a fight
He's done it many times before
Just not on that particular night


Johnny Rebel's being held in a cell
Not doing well after the scum-(14 Marshals, 88 Deputies)
Surround his house and home
Now he raced with the devil
And he won every time
So how could it be different this time?
Bust out a window
And keeps his Winchester Spitting lead and fire

Chorus x2

Back in a hurry
The judge and the jury
With a verdict Johnny sure did like
Not guilty they cried
Johnny won't die
He's glad his lawyer's a kike
Now Johnny's back at home
With his wife and his dog
And his truck named Linda-Lou
Never give up, keep up the good fight
'Cause this could happen to you

Oh No!
Johnny Rebel's gotta Fight
Johnny rebel's in the right
Johnny Rebel's gotta go go go
Johnny's off death row x4