Commie Scum by Fortress

Don't try to speak to me about racial equality
Blacks and Whites are not the same
Lies spread by the communists
Hand in hand with the capitalists
Smash them both is my aim

I hate commie scum x2
I spit on the red flag
I hate commie scum
I hate commie scum x2
The Reds are on the street tonight
Let's get that commie scum

Half of Europe is enslaved
White brothers in shackles and chains
Communism is to blame
It won't happen here
To lose freedom is the thing I fear
It'd mean everlasting Shame

Chorus x2

To try and stop the trend
I'll fight to the bitter end
Red scum and traitors better beware
We'll carry on the fight
Till you see the light
Or we'll see you rot in hell