These are letters and emails that we have received from people all over the country regarding Project Schoolyard. These people are of all ages and both male and female. This is just a fraction of all of the feedback that we've received regarding this massive project:

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Totally awesome! And guess what? At today's NA [National Alliance] meeting I successfully got most of us psyched to PASS OUT PS CD'S! Isn't that interesting?? Glad I have more coming because I gave my last few to them to hand out. I was hesitant to talk about it, but their reaction was positive. They said we can't be divided and all exposure is good exposure. They said Resistance was going to do something like this, but I said, 'Then where is their CD?' They agree that this is NOW so we're on top of it! Thanks for being THE GUY IN AMERICA to have the balls to put PS into action!

I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to get on, but my retarded mom blocked my email site, oh well... but My dad and I fell in love with the Thunderbolt magazines, and I think that we are going to order some more. I got my step-brother to listen to a cd, and then gave him one because he liked it so much, and he is totally against every thing that concerns white power, so when i told him what they were all about and printed out some lyrics, he just said "oh well..." and he has been showing it to some of his friends as well... I also think that as soon as i get my essay completed, I'll post it up on the message board...
Thanks for everything!

Hi Byron, Just a note to say, first of all, I read in horror the news regarding the "intrusion" into your home, and that of Anthony's. The fact that your family had to go through this is so tragic, but they say some good comes from every happening, and I think your son, as scared and upset as he was, looking at the long-range picture, will gain a clearer understanding of just how we white people are treated by "officers of the law". While I was sickened to think of the trauma your children were going through, this was also an introduction to the "real world" we live in. They love their daddy more than anything, and here were these guys mistreating, maybe even going to kill, him, in their minds. I am also so glad nothing of great consequence was taken. Byron, you are feared by these people you, Billy, and others who are making a difference. They want to stop you, by whatever means they can find. I received a stack of those wonderful C.D.'s, here in south central Illinois, and they are being distributed to white teenagers in this area. Byron, these kids are eating them up. They quickly used up, and scattered the stickers and flyers Billy and Melissa brought when they were up here. "Politically Incorrect" kids all over are looking for leadership, and they are finding it through people like you, Billy, and others, who are there for them... Your attitude after the little visit serves as a positive example for others in this endeavor, that of saving our race. Give my best to all your family, and to Anthony, as well, please. Take good care, and Happy Holidays to you all.
(Billy Roper's mother)

Since handing out a few Project Schoolyard cds, I actually got a sincere, "Thank you- I didn't know there was music just for us Whites!" today! :)
I will order more before Christmas to hand out. Stocking stuffers, you know...

I just recieved my Project Schoolyard cds and so far i have handed about 20 of them out to kids at the skatepark by my house.All of the kids I gave cds to loved it. I would like to thank you and everybody else at Panzerfaust Records for making such a good cd to help recruit white kids. I'm not even going to wait until i run out of my current order to order more, im probably going to place an order for 100 next week after I get paid.
A white guy from Wisconsin

My friend gave me one of the project schoolyard c.d.'s. I was raised to be proud of my race and we actually met at a mall here. He was going around with a different guy saying "White Power." My friend and I did it back and so we have become really good friends. My dad and my brother feel the same way I do on having racial pride. It's a good thing to have music like what's on the Project Schoolyard cd.
A young white girl

I recently read an article in "Newsweek" about your record company, that is how I came to find you. Obviously I am a white male, and I share your feelings of white pride. What really angers me is when blacks can freely say anything they want about white people (i.e., comedians and rap "artists") but if any white person even says "black" then they get called a racist. I guess you could say I'm too kind, I judge people by their character, I still feel a sense of pride in being white, but I cannot express it freely. I think it's great you guys are balancing out the universe from rappers "dissing" white people.

Dear Byron,

I wrote the book “The Textbook of the Universe: The Genetic Ascent to God” which is available on – you can read the reviews there. [Including comments on the book by Francis Crick, Nobel Prize winner for the Discovery of DNA] I am a behavioral neuroscientist by graduate training and a warrior for my people and their destiny in my soul I know more deeply than most just how urgent and ultimately important this fight is. It is DEFINITELY the most important cause on Earth today. I have said that we have seen cities bounce back from nuclear bombings, but there is no recovery from the complete genocide of race mixing. We must not throw dirt onto the spark kindling divine fire in the hearts of our people. Our race-soul is a miracle beyond anything we can see in this universe and we must not let it perish from the face of the Earth. Our children deserve to know the information that can make them safe, and save their lives! Your music helps them find the courage and motivation to do so. Your music is life.

You can print this if you like on your site – with my name. I am ready to fight 100% for truth. Anyone with vision, intelligence, and honor would choose to fight also. I don’t hate anyone, but I do love my race —that is my nation! My personal thanks on behalf of my sensitive, inquisitive, polite, loving, shy, children. Every child must grow to become a universal warrior-poet, they must become kings of their own destiny. Keep up the great work. You are defending the work of the creator—our divine children.

As for your other inquiries, I think the whole area here – the Northwest suburbs of Chicago – is a HUGE groundswell of potential for the cause of the truth about race and the survival of the white race and its racial soul. Most of the people here moved out here to escape the hordes of blacks and mestizo gangs in Chicago or in suburbs closer to the city. We must catch this wave of white flight.

These are “better neighborhoods” out here. Blacks are something of a curiosity out here, but we are seeing more and more as our legislated genocide forces people to hire and house violent blacks among our beautiful children. The biggest problem is the Mestizos – there are whole separate Spanish-speaking classes at my children’s school. Once I was shocked (even though I am aware of racial problems) to see the lunch room filled with small children all speaking Spanish to each other when I happened to stop by one day to pick up one of my kids who was sick. I thought I was in Mexico. I see these Mexicans sitting next to my beautiful white children and it fills me with rage that these children are going to destroy our future, everything I love, and our destiny. The Jews are firing weapons worse than nuclear warheads at us – directly into our souls!

Yours truly,
Steven E. Romer

hey dude, I got the free cd you sent me. It's fuckin' the best shit I have ever heard! I love it!

I received my Project School Yard disc’s today and I must say it is an incredible disc. You guys went well above and beyond for this project and for our people. The 50 copies I handed out today alone received nothing but positive feedback from people of all ages in my community and as a proud WHITE Man in this county I say “Thank You”.

I bet you get a shitload of emails a day. Byron, just a couple of questionsfor you. I live in Rhode Island, it's that small state in the right corner of the map. As a matter of fact it's the smallest state on the map. Before I have 100 of the Project School Yard CD's given out at the local hight school, are there any laws I should know about? My friends son goes to school at Smithfield High School and I am going to give him 100 copies to hand out. What should I have him tell his friends about the laws??? Let me know.

Keep up the good work. We need people like you. Our society and especially our kids need to learn white values. With my compliments.

A 56 year old white guy.

Hey guys! I was just writing to say I love what you guys are doing. I was really excited to hear about you guys on the news and suprisingly so is my dad! Its so hard to find something that I like that my parents will also like. It has the hard rock sound to it but meaningful lyrics. Thank you so much for daring to do what others won't!

Ha ha. Tom Brokaw on the NBC evening news just gave you guys a better plug than money could buy (inadvertantly of course). You must be doing something right. How about waking up the public on the issue of the takeover of the US by the goddamed Mexican illegal aliens?

I saw the NBC Nightly News episode regarding your CD distribution. YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO DISTRIBUTE THIS ANY WAY YOU PLEASE! The first amendment guarantees you that right. Niggers have been recording rap albums for YEARS with lyrics of hate towards white people, so people can't say shit about any of the CD's you distribute. If kids in school don't want to listen to the CD's, they don't have to. Religious figures are allowed to distribute their material any where they want, and so should you.

Stand your ground & don't back down, no matter what the press says. You have more support in this country than you know. I wasn't aware of your website until I saw the NBC episode, so hopefully this will provide you with more positive than negative exposure.

Good luck with your endeavors. Hopefully one day, albeit I doubt it will be in my lifetime, we can restore our country to it's rightful ownership.

An Attorney-at-law

Whats up, man? I saw a mention on the news tonight about your site and checked it out. Fuckin loved the conversation you had with the high school principal. The fuckhead didn't know shit that you knew and it was so obvious that I laughed and almost felt sorry for the dumb dude. I plan to send ya $5 through the mail to get a copy of the CD. Can't wait to check it out.

Hey I just saw this website on the news like 5 minutes ago... They think by reporting this news and putting you in a bad light that they're going to make you guys infamous... wrong ! I was wondering when the hell sombody would stand up and inform the people. I do my part everyday talking and lecturing people and trying to inform them what's going on in america now. Well I think it's great what guys are doing. If you guys ever need any help with anything let me know.

Hey guys, I just found out about you guys on the news and I wanna help you get those free cd samplers out to school kids. Can you please send me some to get out for you guys?? I live in Duluth, MN.

I believe that the schools in my area would benefit greatly from your Schoolyard Project CD. I live in NJ and it's slowly becoming a contaminated area. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Is there a way to donate money to you for this project? If so tell me the best way. Because I like my job I can't give direct support but would love to offer financial support. Obviously it wouldn't be tax deductible.
I think you're doing a great thing.
Marion, IA

I handed mine out, at a local Misfits concert, near my small town. It went very well and they were screaming white power, before we even finished handing them out. Most of the high school was there. It was halloween, night. I tried to get more, but I guess you didn't know me well enough. I also handed the CD's out to my friends, who distributed them.
I can't afford more, right now. But, when I can I plan a similar distro. My town is very accepting.

Byron, I am a 17 year old high school student. Today I discovered both your record label and your Project Schoolyard U.S.A. I would like to let you know that I support both in the fullest.
I am almost sickened by how liberal and "tolerant" my school is. I live in Iowa City, a safe-haven for homosexuals, and minorities of all types. There is a faggot support group known as COLORS, or something along those lines at my school. If one were to utter word such as faggot, it's almost certain he would be punished severely. As a white, heterosexual male, it almost seems like I'm looked down upon, just for being normal. This is fucking outrageous, in the country created by and for white males, there is no longer an advantage to being one.
Just thought I'd contact you, and tell you to keep up the good work brother.

Hey Man,
Seen what you've been doing - you got a headline on today, started lookin through your site and came across the "Hate Crimes" Flyer and found this:
"Flint, MI - Three White teenagers, Michael Carter, Dustin Kaiser and (girl’s name withheld by police) are attacked by six black youths. Carter is shot and killed. Kaiser is beaten and shot in the head, but recovers. The girl is forced to perform oral sex on her black attackers, pistol whipped and shot in the face. This was not investigated as a hate crime."
This happened within 10 miles of my house, pretty fucked up huh? Those kids jumped a train in some town south of flint and just rode it for a while. When they jumped off, you guessed it, they were in Flint. Well anyway, just thought id tell ya you have my support up here in Flint and there are plenty more of us here.

Really like the Schoolyard Project and am waiting for the next pressing as a couple of buddies want one.
Really appreciate that someone has the balls to stand up to the hypocrisy of the politically correct liberal crowd trying to shove multiculturalism down our throats. We need more people who aren't afraid to tell the truth. Let the whole world know that us white Europeans are the ones that made the modern world! There are so many Beaners here in Las Vegas. How can anybody with half a brain be proud of a culture where every big city south of the border is surrounded by slums with sewage running in open trenches?

Do you have any idea when the next batch will be ready? My 14 year old son is dying to get these out to his school mates and I am ready to pass them out to everyone I come across.
Thanks for all you guys do to help out our cause. Although I live in a small New Mexico town we are making a difference and everytime I receive an order from ya’ll it’s like Christmas. Keep up the great work!

Hello. First off I just wanted to tell you (as I'm sure many people already have), that Project Schoolyard is brilliant. With this idea you really have helped awaken our lazy tiresome youth.
I do have a question, however, and I would really appreciate your opinion. Yesterday I distributed about 92 of the 100 CDs I ordered, at my community collage here. I put them on the front windows of as many cars in the parking lot as I could. I felt I should have handed them personally to the people but since I'm going into an occupation of law enforcement I didn't want to get in trouble with police. Was my way ok or should I have handed them out personally? Your opinion means allot. Thanks. 14/88

I ordered some Project Schoolyard CDs. I gave away 25 to trick or treaters and 2 to the moms giving out candy. I also gave cds to bikers & white people at work and at a fish bait shop. The redneck salesman said he would give them to the fisherman. White Power 14/88

I heard that panzerfaust was going to distribute white power sampler cds, I think you should come to my high school in long island. That place is full of coons and spics and we need a little ethnic cleansing.

Let me start off by saying this is one of the best ideas I have seen in a long time. Also me and my boys are going to order a couple hundred cds as soon as they are ready... The younger kids around here are very receptive to pro white messages and we see very little opposition, for the most part. Thanks for your help and keep up the good work 88! From the SFB boys in NH.

Hey man,
My friend just got your cd. It is so tight! The song Tales of Honor is so tight! Our favorite song is White Supremacy. The cd is awesome. I cant wait to get it. Well Bye

I love your site and message board and I love what you are doing for kids like me. I am 14 and I'm in highschool and there are alot of kids in my school that think like i do not as extreme but mostly the same and I'm sure they want the cds as much as I do. I was wondering if i could place an order for the cds before they come so I can get some other stuff so I only have to send out one order. I just want to get a few things and a bunch of the project school yard cds. But since you dont have the cds yet could I just send in the order with the money for the cds, then when they come in would you be able to send them? Thanks

I think what you all are doing is great. I hope a lot of other people join you. You all have my support. Would you please send me one of the cds you all are passing out.

Dear Panzerfaust,
Congratulations on Project Schoolyard. I looked it up on and found around 100 hits. I guess it made a pretty big impact. Anywho, I just wanted to say good job and keep the cogs rolling. Oh yeah, some jerkoff's selling them on eBay for $3 a piece with shipping and all. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't making profit from it, but at least they're getting out there.

Hello, I am a 17 year old high school student in Texas. I am interested in obtaining 200 or so samplers to pass out at school. If you could let me know when they will be ready to purchase, that would be great. Keep up the great work. I have friends that are also interested in helping so if is possible to order more than 200, we might be able to come up with the money. Just let me know when and where.

First off, I would like to let you know that I support you 110% of the way for the movement and your music, I heard about your website and sampler CD on the news and thought, why would people discourage such a great thing, white supremacy man, we're just better... Cleaner, smarter, and not monkies. But what I wanted to ask you is that how can I find out or get some free pro-white CD's to distribute to everybody at school, some "wiggeres" play that rap shit too loud with there "thumpin" nigger boom boxes, and we gotta show em' what's right and best for their own damn good. I live in Minnesota, everyone's racist, but not racist enough, we need to promote more! Oh, and fuckin' great job on telling off that pricipal a-hole, what a prick, you were right though. So Byron, could you please write back and show me how to help the cause for getting these CD's out there.
Your Follower

Byron you guys did a hell of a job on Project Schoolyard, brother. I passed out 100 of my copies so far and have kids who i handed them out to asking for more. I have been burning stuff off my own collection to keep them learing and content you have made them so much more receptive to the flyers and lit I have been giving out for years. GOOD FUCKING JOB THAT IS WHITE POWER.

I am so happy to finally see somebody doing this. My buddy just bought 100 of the schoolyard cd's and we are in the process of printing pamphlets to hand out along with them. When i first heard the cd i was actually shocked at the overall quality of it. The songs that were chosen are awesome. In fact, i kept one for myself because i love 18 of the 20 songs. In any glad to see that this is finally hapening and I am proud to do my part.

I would just like to say that what you're doing is fucking awsome. My uncle bought 100 of them and everyone I give one to is eating it up. Keep up the good work.

Dear Panzerfaust,
I am a 13 year old girl, and I am interested in obtaining one of your sampler cds. Can you please tell me some exact places I can find one? What sort of people should I look for to be handing them out? Am I going to have to go to the record store and ask the nigger behind the counter if they'e handing out Project Schoolyard discs to White Supremacist teens? Please help me with these question as soon as possible. Thank you for your time reading this.
Yours Truly

Just got the Project Schoolyard CDs in. You guys amaze me every time I order. I expected a spindle of CDs. At 15 cents each you can't afford fancy packaging. But no... You guys put it in a kick ass FULL-COLOR package. Thanks. The kids are gonna LOVE these CD's. And maybe some will wake up. Again thanks for your hard work and dedication to the cause. If you have extra samplers to sell let me know. I don't think the 100 I got will last long.

Thanks to my check up on the Anti Defamation League's website to see what kind of nasty filth they have come up with, I have found out about your Project Schoolyard USA. And what a brilliant idea it is. I have been making homemade compilations of my own and distributing on a very small scale, but lacking the professional touch that Panzerfaust brings to it. I definately want in on this endevour. Set aside about 200 copies for me to distribute around my area. Highschools and the local hardcore/metal venues would bring the most success.
Also, I'm very impressed with the Panzerfaust website. It's like sticking the jagged stick up the Jewish authority's ass. Very nice touch with the nigger jokes too, I'm sure my buddies will like those. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I DEFINATELY will be purchasing from your website soon.
I can't wait till those cds come out. In the mean time, 1488 WHITE POWER! NEVER BACK DOWN!
P.S. Give me a heads up on when those CDs will be coming out so I can get in on them before they run out! THANKS!

I ordered some CD's off of your site just the other night- but, I got a bunch on my doorstep this morning. :) Anyways - Thank you, I've already handed out at least half of them. I just threw them in my car- and when I was driving to work past the high school, I asked one little skater dude if he wanted a CD- and I was mauled by like 40 little "punk rockers" :) All White, All white- don't worry!
Let me know when you make your TV debut- I wanna see :)
Take Care

In regards to Project Schoolyard U.S.A. sponsored by your company Panzerfaust Records and various independant White Power organizations & groups... I recently ordered 100 CD's for myself, comrades and members of my organization to distribute, as a tool with which we can use to recruit new members for The Cause and to help further spread our message of White Power! I gotta say this is something that's never been done before within the White Power "scene". I'm simply amazed at the fact Panzerfaust has gone through over 20,000 CD's in only two weeks.
I'm positive this will certainly increase our numbers exponentially. With more members our Cause will be a force to be reckoned with for ZOG, non-Whites, leftist liberal zealots and the Marxist Red scum! On behalf of myself and I'm sure countless others, I would like to thank you for putting this together. I've already gone through almost all of the 100 CD's, and I just received them this morning.
In addition, the CD's are extremely good quality for the price. I've noticed no difference between the CD's I paid $15 for and these CD's which only cost me a whopping .15 cents each. The labels on the CD's and the card board sleeve they come shrink wrapped in are also top notch. Furthermore, some of the songs on the CD I've never even heard, while the others are classics and are perfect examples of quality White Power music!
White Power!