Ghost by Max Resist

Minding my own business
In a pub down in New Orleans
An old man sits beside me and says,
"Tell me about your dreams"

I said, "Hey Mister I have a dream
That I don't think you'd like
If you're easily offended
I suggest you take a hike"

He said "Son, how the hell did it get this way?"
"What makes you feel, what makes you real?"
"What makes you full of hate?"
I told him that I was tired
Of all the left wing lies
And being White Power,
Man, it comes from something deep inside

We talked all about politics
And about equal rights
And I looked deep down into his eyes
And I had seen that fire die
He fired straight back at me
"Son, how'd it get so far?"
I said, "Listen mister,
It aint my fault,
I been trying really hard"


Didn't pay attention
To what this old guy looked like
He was dressed like 1860s
And his skin was ghostly white
He wore an old gray jacket
That bore the stars and bars
He said, "Trust me son,
I know how you feel,
I been down that road before"


He said, "Keep up the good work son,
I'm sure that you'll go far
And if you don't, the Devil
Sure is gonna leave his mark"

He finished up a whiskey
And he stepped onto the street
I said, "Hey mister, thanks for the drinks,
I didn't even catch your name."
He crept into the fog
And I just had to let him go
I knew right then and there
That I didn't need to know
Then out of the cold fog echoed
More than I could see
The voice of all mighty himself
Said "You can call me General Lee"

"Son, man I'm glad you feel this way
I'm glad you feel, I'm glad you're real
I'm glad you're full of hate"
I told him that I was tired of all the left wing lies
And being White Power, man,
It comes from something deep inside