The Nationalist by Final War

Here's a story of a simple man
Who just wanted to succeed
Wanted the best for his nation,
For his race and family
So he worked hard everyday,
Grinding his hands to the bone
For his land and his children's future,
He would fight even if he fought alone

He's a Racialist-to the core,
Never wanted nothing more
Than to see his nation prosper,
And his children succeed
He's a nationalist-all the way,
All he wanted was to see a new day
So he fought strong never givin' in,
'Cause the strong survive and may the best man win

There was nothin' that could hold
Him back or stand in the way of his dreams
'Cause this man was full of pride,
And driven by victory

When he woke up everyday

And looked into his children's eyes
Then he took his wife by the hand and said,
"For you are the reason I fight this fight"

(Repeat Chorus)
(Guitar Solo)

On the day in which this man took his final breath
Looked into his family's eyes and said,
"What I've done for you, please don't forget"
Then he kissed his wife and daughter
And he turned to his son and said
"For now you are the one who holds the flame,
Carry it forth and one day we'll win"

(Repeat Chorus 2x)