Parasite by Fortress

Get out of my country!

Let into this country
We're repaid with drugs and crime
Hold their hands out for more
They're never satisfied
People who oppose them
Are promptly locked away
Those who thought they had a voice
No longer have a say

Get out
We don't want you around
Get out
Once the people shout
Get out
Get out of my sight
Get out

Legends of Eureka turn over in their graves
If they could see what has happened to the Southern Cross today
Laws made to put us down
Also meant to keep us quiet
Damn the other races
Want to keep my Country White


Take the alien Government
Don't recognize their law
It's time to close the flood gates
It's time to shut the door

Ship 'em out
Send the bastards back
If they don't fucking like it
It'll be in body bags

Chorus x2