Teutonic Uprise by Bound For Glory

Spread the word across the seas:
It's time to answer our people's pleas
Forced in a position to defend,
The men of iron rise again
See the writing is on the wall
Hear our high heaven's call
Feel the earth start to shake
The mighty Aryan is now awake!
Awake, awake, awake!

Gather the men a call to the wise
It's a Teutonic uprise
The sons of Herman once again rise
It's a Teutonic uprise

The blood of Herman
Flows through our veins
We've seen through the darkness,
Seen through the pain
In tribal valor, men who gave their lives
In our hearts they instilled battle pride
We're not like others who choose to run
Our sword is now our gun
Our seeds are planted all over the land
Try to stop us if you can!
Arise, arise, arise!

Chorus x2

A great call was heard through the land
It was a call to every able man
From the hills and valleys they came
Across the rivers through freezing rains
Kinsmen gather around
By our blood we are bound
Raise your sword to the sky
Tomorrow, we fight or die
Reach deep into your soul
Victory belongs to the bold
Raise high your cup of mead
Into countless battles we'll proceed

Chorus x2