Waitin' For The Ride by Youngland

I know it may seem hard at times to see the way you do
But let me tell you there's a way to end the way they look at you

Just come inside and take a ride on my patriotic route We'll smash and bash
What makes us mad as we ride along with you

When they say...
I cannot wait for that ride, we're runnin' away with it
I cannot wait for that ride, unity strengthens it
I cannot wait for that ride, we're gonna be ridin' it
I cannot wait for that ride

You know I've sat down long enough to see our times the same
There's a lot of good talk that sounds real nice but no one there to reign
There's a lot of good men with strength and pride just waiting to unite
The Ku Klux Klan, the Nationalist and Skinheads got it right...


So let's go on a trip tonight and strengthen up your soul
Gather up a few good friends, we'll play some rock and roll, because
Tonight's the night we stop our fights and come together as one

You've got my back I got your back we're one for all and all for one


So here's a song about unity and that's the way it should be
The few of us here on this ride know what it's like to be free
The final ride we take in stride with you means victory
So hit the gas we'll kick some ass
Cause I'm like you and you're like me